June Collection and deals On sale NOW!!!

Shipping Schedule:
June 30-July 12 Shipped by July 17
Order Placed July 13-26 Shipped by July 31
Order Placed July 27-Aug 2 Shipped by Aug 7
Delays can happen. Please bear with us.

July Deals
Harry Potter Collection
Signature Collection
Wax: Friend Trip, Dinglehopper

July Collection
Out My Window (Tangled)
Very Good Alive (Alice in Wonderland)
Look Deeper (Lion King)
Silly Old Bear (Winnie the Pooh)
Murder Mom Real Quick (Umbrella Academy)
Woogity Woogity (Rocket Power)

Don't forget to vote on your fave scent to be made into wax each month...in the group!
Every month, we accept submissions for a scent (not based on our theme) that YOU create! Popular vote will select that month's scent. Work with us to create it and get one bottle free!!!


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