Sample Spray Bundle "Try it" Packs

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Sample Spray Bundle "Try it" Packs - Zainey Laney

People have asked for an easy way to try our scents! We have put together bundles of 6 - 4ml Spray containers by type! Select a specific scent type or a variety!

Ingredients: Water, Witch Hazel, Fragrance Oil

Fragrance oil is pthalate free. Witch Hazel is 14% alcohol concentration.

Please check ingredients below for any possible allergies and test a small amount on skin or material before use. Avoid using on face and eye. If skin irritations occur, discontinue use and consult a doctor. We are not responsible for any allergic reaction, illness, or injury with product usage. External use only! By purchasing this product, you agree to the above and all information listed here and the FAQ page.



Fruit Bundle
∞LaMaCo Colada (Made for Laney & Marshall’s mom, Judy) - Pina Colada
∞Bosom Friend (Anne of Green Gables) - Raspberry, Strawberry, ylang ylang
∞Born Leader (Maggie/ Walking Dead) - Strawberries, Pineapple, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass
∞Barb (Stranger Things)- Black Cherry, Raspberry Vanilla, Honeysuckle
∞Destiny (Ray and BB8/ Star Wars)- Peach Margaritas, Rain
∞Saved by the Smell (Saved By the Bell) - Bubblegum, Sugar Candy, Strawberry
Bakery Bundle
∞Dude Where's the Pie? (Supernatural) - Apple Pie, Vanilla Latte
∞Smuggler's Bride (Leia/ Star Wars)- Cinnamon Rolls, Fried Ice Cream
∞Don't Blow Away (The Holiday) - Almond Macaroons, Chocolate Covered Cherries
∞Chosen One (Buffy) - Raspberry, Coconut Cake, Caramel Popcorn
∞Cakesniffers (Series of Unfortunate Events) - Pink Sugar Frosting, Birthday Cake
∞Eleven (Stranger Things)- Maple Syrup, Butter, Waffle Batter
Musky Bundle
∞Lucille (Walking Dead) - Leather, Rain, Fire
∞Crypt for 2 (Spike/ Buffy) - Black Pepper, Oak, Kaffir Lime
∞Righteous dude (Ferris Bueller) - musk, coconut, grapefruit
∞Say No More (Empire Records)- Water, Basil, Bergamot
∞Handsome Dan (Gimore Girls) - Cigars, Bergamot, Sage
∞Please and Thank You (Parks and Rec) - Tobacco, Whiskey, Pine
Holiday Bundle
∞Pumpkin King (Nightmare Before Christmas) - Dark Chocolate, Popcorn, Caramel
∞Christmas Snowflake (The Grinch) - Snow, Cherries, Pie
∞Pass It On (Muppet Family Christmas) - Apples, Rock Candy, Peppermint
∞Better Watch Out (Krampus)- Pine, Holly, Cinnamon, Citrus
∞Candy Cane Forest (ELF)- Christmas trees, Peppermint Sugar
∞Hark (Peanuts)- Peanut Butter Cookies, Candied Apples
Clean Bundle
∞Lazy Sundays and Sheet Masks (Val’s Scent from funding campaign) - Cotton & Lemongrass
∞Snowman Sniffles (Frozen)- eucalyptus, mint, camphor
∞Burdened with Glorious Purpose (Loki) - Cinnamon, Amber, Ice
∞Expendable (Star Trek) - Water, Cherries, and...a bit of luck
∞Silver Screen Siren (Andrea’s Scent from Commission)- Denim, Citrus, Musk
∞You Know Nothing (Game of Thrones/ Jon Snow) - Fruit. green ivy, violets
Floral/ Woods Bundle
∞Seventh Sense (Captain Marvel) - Leather, Roses, Wine
∞Seeing Isn’t Always Believing (Cassandra Morgan’s Scent from funding campaign) - Black Cherries, Peaches, Rose Petals
∞The Last Petal (Beauty and the Beast)- Roses, Winter Air, Musk
∞Gary’s Vision (Addams Family) - Mandarin Oranges, Muguet Lily, Dill Pickle
∞Walking Carpet (Star Wars)- Cedar, Apples, Cinnamon
∞Castle in the Woods (Stranger Things) - Cranberry, Orange, Pine Trees
Tea/ Drinks Bundle
∞Butterscotch Brew (Butterbeer)- Butterscotch, Vanilla Buttercream, Birthday Cake
∞Zainey Laney (Laney’s Signature) - Lemon, Black Tea, and BlackBerries
∞Vicious Trollop (Gilmore Girls) - Earl Grey Tea with Lemon
∞You Can't take the Chai from me (Firefly) - Chai Tea & Vanilla
∞So Fresh and So Green, Green (Corey’s Signature) - Strawberries, Kiwi, Lemon/Lime Fizz
∞Rose Suchack Ladder (Santa Clause)- Hot cocoa, toasted marshmallow
Variety Bundle
∞Hell in High Heels (River Song) - Pineapple, Ice, Caramel
∞Spark Chaser (Marshall’s Signature) - Chocolate Covered Cherries, Rum, Almond Cake
∞Run (Stranger Things) - Citrus, Cinnamon, Blueberry, Vanilla
∞Friends, Waffles and Work (Parks and Rec) - Waffles, Ozone, Cedar
∞Ohana Sunrise (Lilo & Stitch) - Lime, Sugar, cantaloupe, watermelon
∞Them’s My Jewels (Labyrinth) - Woods, Acorn, Peach




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