Zainey Laney Wax May Sampler Box | Assembled

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Zainey Laney Wax May Sampler Box | Assembled - Zainey Laney
Zainey Laney Wax May Sampler Box | Assembled - Zainey Laney

Will be shipped the week of May 28th


NEW PRODUCT! Smaller size and lower price!

Each box includes:

4 - 2oz Wax Cups based on the Avengers

1 collectible card with one of 4 original art designs.

1 collectible POP (proof of purchase) reward



During the summer months or in the hotter parts of the country, you may have issues with heat and melty wax. Our wax is 100% soy which means it's softer and melts faster. When  you order wax it is at your own risk for melting and replacing it is up to our discretion. HOWEVER, order an Ice Pack Add on and you can have those packages arrive cold, without worry of melting.

Add Here:

Scent Descriptions:

Wanna Be- Grapes, Vanilla Cream, Soda
Seventh Sense- Leather, Roses, Wine
Burdened with Glorious Purpose- Cinnamon, Amber, Ice
Little Guy- Cherry, Cheescake, Blueberry

Fragrance is pthalate free! Wax is a soy blend free of harmful dyes or other toxins. Each clamshell contains 6 cubes of approximately 3 - 4 oz total of wax. Please see our FAQ for more information on our blends and shipping.


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