About Us

Zainey Laney first started in order to review subscription boxes and lifestyle items. Since we have always had a love for pop culture, doing it in a geeky style was a no brainer! And of course, you can't do it alone! Enter the side geeks for their opinion too.

While we have always had a love of things that smelled, we noticed that some of our favorite themed wax vendors were no longer producing. This left us with an opportunity to start something new. We used wax melts as the basis for scent blends and realized that was our strength! We have now evolved to only bath and body products, but we remember that wax started it all. 

Zainey Laney

Laney has been the driving force of this business. In addition to her full time job as an Analyst, she runs a Facebook Group, Geeks and Beauties, which supports and encourages other influencers and entrepreneurs. For Zainey Laney, she is in charge of basically everything from marketing, to scent formulation, new product development, and research.

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One True Hazard

Isn't our artwork striking? You can thank Marshall for that, which uses his degree in Digital Media and Graphic Design. His day job is a framer in an art shop, but in his spare time he busts out some pretty amazing looking pieces to decorate our products. In addition, he assists with wax production and stars with Laney in youtube videos. That's one busy guy (and such a great brother)!

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The Hubby

Laney's husband, Corey, is the encyclopedia of pop culture. He uses this wealth of knowledge to help come up with new topic ideas as well as edit any art and copy used in the products. His day job is a wardrobe attendant which allows him time to get lots of new ideas. Other duties include video editor, wax production, and taking all those packages to the post office.

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After wax, we realized that people wanted body products that smelled like those scent blends. Body sprays and home fragrance was born! But the art, it's too good to pass up! So we started printing them on postcards and dot grid planner inserts (which still haven't caught on, but maybe in the future). What products should we come up with next?





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