Holiday Movie Review: Santa Girl

Santa Girl



Holiday Movie Review: Santa Girl

Cast: Barry Bostwick, Jennifer Stone

Streaming on Netflix (new for 2019)


Short Synopsis:

Santa's daughter gets a chance to attend college for one semester in the 'real' world before heading back to the North Pole to fulfill her duties under her father.


Santa Baby meets Santa Clause 2! This movie was super cute. I expected more of a traditional storyline but honestly there were some interesting ways this story was executed. The acting was, again, adequate for this type of movie, although I do have to say that I wish the side kick elf would have been quirkier rather than just overexcitable. I guess maybe my one complaint is that I would have wished the characters be a little more deep than just pigeonholed into typical Christmas roles.

That being said, I am adding this to my list for yearly Holiday watching!



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