Holiday Movie Review: Holiday in the Wild

Holiday in the Wild


Holiday Movie Review: Holiday in the Wild

Cast: Kristin Davis and Rob Lowe

Streaming on Netflix (new for 2019)

Short Synopsis:

After her husband ends their marriage, Kate embarks on a solo second honeymoon in Africa. There, she and Derek, a pilot, rescue a baby elephant. While nursing the elephant back to health, Kate discovers how much she loves her new surroundings.

This movie was the perfect one for me to start the holidays. Although I have to admit, I wasn’t totally sure how it was encompassing the holidays when there was a very noticeable start date of Aug 31 when this movie takes place. But it does get there. And baby elephants! How can you not love these cute, intelligent creatures. I did wish the characters were a tad more complex but these movies seldom go that far.

But I have to say, I have some continuity problems with this movie I would like to bring up.  So like I pointed out, the movie starts on Aug 31. On this day, she tells her husband that she has booked them a second honeymoon in Africa, and he tells her he wants a divorce. So she decides to go anyway (ALONE. WHO GOES TO AFRICA ALONE??) and her first night at dinner, meets Rob Lowe. She tells him that 2 days ago her husband asked for divorce, making that night September 2. She also mentions that in 2 weeks she will be in her lawyers office signing the paperwork to make the divorce official. OK, got it. 2 week vacation. Then later on (and this isn’t a spoiler at all), someone on the trip mentions that her return flight is tomorrow and she says “Oh is it September 28 already?”. UH, someone get this lady a calendar. You have now been there 4 weeks. Math must not be her strong suit.

And also, do the plains of Africa have wifi (or adequate cell service) so you can write an email from the middle of nowhere on a laptop? Asking for a friend, because that’s some pretty amazing range. 

Regardless of these little issues (hey, I notice these things), I recommend checking this out while you are decorating your tree for a calm and beautiful good time.

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