Holiday Movie Review: Christmas Perfection

Laney Estel

Christmas Perfection


Holiday Movie Review: Christmas Perfection

Caitlin Thompson, James Henri-Thomas, Robbie Silverman

Available Streaming on Hulu (2018)

Short Synopsis:

After magically waking up in a Christmas village in Ireland, a woman learns the meaning of the holiday season.

A cute little story about how perfect is not so perfect. Darcy thinks that all of the interesting stories and mishaps about the holiday season make the day less special so she strives for more. I just wanted to smack her, but it does get better. What the synopsis doesn’t tell you is that she ends up magically in her own Irish Christmas village, a recreation from her living room display. It’s full of sleigh rides and holiday sweaters, the same presents, the same drinks, and the same bar with dancers.  

I thought this was an interesting twist but the movie doesn’t take it far enough, in my opinion, to make the characters more interesting. Especially when it comes to one of the love interests and her female best friend. I really wanted to know more about their connections. It was a shorter movie so I feel like this could have been explored.

Still a calm movie with some fun plot twists.

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