Holiday Movie Review: Christmas in the Heartland

Christmas in the Heartland


Holiday Movie Review: Christmas in the Heartland

Cast: Brighton Sharbino, Sierra McCormick, Bo Derek

Streaming on Netflix 


Short Synopsis:

Teenagers Kara and Jessie strike up an unlikely friendship while sitting next to each other on a plane that's bound for the heartland. Forced to spend the holidays in the same small town with relatives that they've never met, the girls devise a plan to switch places for Christmas. Jessie soon finds herself living lavishly with Kara's wealthy grandparents, while Kara starts to bond with Jessie's fun, quirky grandmother and the most genuine, modest family that she's ever known.


This movie was so unexpectedly good. It came out in 2017 but I hadn’t gotten around to watching it before. Think Parent Trap for the holidays, but in Oklahoma and with some pretty rockin country and bluegrass music. But don’t let that fool you into thinking this is your basic holiday movie. It’s really not, there are twists and turns I barely saw coming. But to be fair, while I see most twists coming pretty far away, I was sewing my own Christmas stockings at the time so I wasn’t analyzing everything like usual. 


This one definitely deserves another watch through to get all the characters straight and really connect with the characters again.



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