Holiday Movie Review: Christmas Break-In

Laney Estel

Christmas Break-In


Holiday Movie Review: Christmas Break-In

Cast: Danny Glover, Denise Richards

Streaming on Netflix (new for 2019)


Short Synopsis:

A storm hits Izzy's town while she is at school. There, she sees three suspicious-looking individuals sneaking about the school grounds. When they take the school custodian hostage, she takes it upon herself to save the day.


This movie truly reminded me of Home Alone, but at school. The kids are smarter than the parents (seriously get these guys a google calendar app!), they outfox the bad guys, etc. The acting is adequate, despite having 2 recognizable stars. I guess I mean to say that the acting is not distracting to deter from the movie, which is really more than I expected. It’s a nice movie to just zone out to, safe for kids, and there is even a slight twist (but not really) about the snow plow driver.

Stay tuned to the credits to see some pretty funny bloopers as well. Overall, if you have time, definitely check this one out.

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