Holiday Movie Review: Christmas Survival

Christmas Survival



Holiday Movie Review: Christmas Survival

Cast: Joely Richardson, Gemma Whelan, Julian Ovenden

Streaming on Netflix (originally released in 2018)


Short Synopsis:

Two sisters and their families spend - or rather, endure - Christmas at their late parents' dilapidated country house.


Not to be confused with Surviving Christmas, this movie is a whole other movie even though it was originally released in the UK under Christmas Survivial. So basically this is the plot of like every holiday movie on Lifetime. And I really wanted to like this movie. I love quirky comedies from the UK and can easily point out the cast in most. But I could only readily point out Joely Richardson and Gemma Whelan, while the rest of the cast looked vaguely familiar in a “maybe they were on an episode of Doctor Who?” kind of way.


But honestly, I could not connect with the characters in this movie at all. Although I couldn’t really put my finger on why. There was comedy and drama in this, and character types that would appeal to most people. I guess, when you break it down, I just didn’t care about these people, and wanted to just smack them all (for different reasons). Being an outside observer really made you see how ridiculous these people were being. But if you need something to pass the time, this is one you could check out. However, I probably would not put it on my repeat list for next year.

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