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Book review: The Accidental Life Swap

Laney Estel

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Book review: The Accidental Life Swap

BOOK REVIEW⠀⠀BOOK: The Accidental Life Swap⠀AUTHOR: Jennifer Joyce⠀@writer_jenn⠀⠀⠀A case of mistaken identity and new discoveries.⠀⠀Rebecca works for an events planning firm as a PA and longs to work her way up as an assistant planner to her boss, Vanessa, who is kind of selfish and rude. Vanessa has a house in the country in the middle of renovation and a deadline for a party upon completion. She tasks Rebecca as the project manager, even though Rebecca has no idea about construction.⠀⠀Rebecca sees this as an opportunity to show Vanessa what she is capable of accomplishing. But upon arriving, she is...



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