Book Review: The Wendy

Laney Estel

The Wendy

BOOK: The Wendy⠀
AUTHOR: Erin Michelle Sky & Steven Brown⠀
When I found out about this book, I was so excited to read it. It was described as a fantastic twist on an old classic. And it was! Wendy is an orphan who longs to be a sea captain. But women are not given a chance to be a part of that world. So she secretly trains with people until she finally masters the skills to fight, navigate, and sense magic (which ironically only women and dogs can do). She joins a secret branch of the navy to fight against the Everlost! But are the everlost really the threat they seem? Will the leader of the secret branch, Captain Hook, believe her stories of the boy who can fly?⠀

Using only her wiles and her intelligence, Wendy make chess move upon chess move, still not sure which side she stands on: loyalty for country, or sympathy for Peter.⠀

This book was a fantastic read, with so many connections to the original book in such unique ways!! If you love the story of Peter Pan, you won’t be able to put this down!⠀
I received this book for review purposes from NetGalley. ⠀

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