Book review: The Mummy Bloggers

Laney Estel

The Mummy Bloggers

Book: The Mummy Bloggers⠀
Author: Holly Wainwright @wainwrightholly

I was so entertained by this book! Seriously it's not just a very modern topic, but also the way the characters are connected makes it a joyful and interesting story.⠀

Elle is a glam lifestyle blogger married to Adrian who is the ex-husband of Abi. Abi is a organic lifestyle blogger married to Grace. Grace's sister, Liesel, is a working mummy blogger. All 3 are up for a blogger award with a hefty cash prize. How do they come out ahead and react to each other?⠀

What makes this book so enjoyable are the way the characters are written are so true to so many people I have seen online. There was a lot of truth to the consequences of having someone in the spotlight, both good and bad, that were brought to light, but in a completely fun way.⠀


I received this book in advance from Netgalley for review.

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