Book Review: The Helpline

Laney Estel

The Helpline

BOOK: The Helpline⠀
AUTHOR: Katherine Collette⠀

Germaine loses her job because she was involved with her boss. I have read a few books lately that have started this way. Then Germaine gets a new job working at a helpline for seniors. But what you need to know about Germaine is that I am pretty sure she has some sort of social disorder. She sees things as black and white, doesn't like being around people and generally thinks her way is better than everyone else's. But then she starts to see how helping people can help her break out of that.⠀

So, I enjoyed this book. However it was not an easy read for me. Most of the time I just wanted to roll my eyes from the situations and the way the main character reacted to them. I am, however, appreciative of the depth of which this particular disposition is written. I do not know if the author wrote with a social disorder in mind or just created a complex individual different from the cookie cutter heroines we sometimes see. Either way, it was interesting to get through. ⠀

I received this book in order to review.

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