Book Review: The Good Mother

Laney Estel

The Good Mother


BOOK: The Good Mother

AUTHOR: Cathryn Grant


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At first this book feels to me like one mom being catty about another mom, almost irrationally. But it’s so much more. It’s the effect of trauma on your life, and the importance (ultimately) of dealing with it and healing.


This book was such a good ride. There were parts I felt myself skimming just because it seemed like the same conversation. But in the end, the payoff was good and I felt satisfied with the outcome. Definitely recommend!



Short Synopsis (from Goodreads):


Amy’s life is picture perfect. Mess with that picture – you’re going to pay.


Amy’s life is close to perfect – two lovely daughters, a wonderful husband and she’s queen bee in her circle of soccer moms. She feels content, like she’s finally put some distance between herself and the terrible events of long ago.


The only fly in the ointment is Charlotte, a recent arrival to this affluent suburban community. The shameless way she dresses, the way the men look at her… it’s not right, she’s just not the kind of person they want around here.


Amy spearheads a drive to exclude Charlotte, to make it clear to her that she’s not welcome here. Infuriatingly, Charlotte doesn’t seem to care… And when her daughter joins the soccer team there’s just no getting away from her.


But Amy knows from bitter experience the kind of trouble a woman like Charlotte can bring. And there is no way on earth that her girls are ever going to be exposed to anything like that. The solution is clear - Charlotte has to go. No matter what it takes.

I received this book for review purposes from NetGalley. ⠀

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