Book Review: The Festival Murders

Laney Estel

Festival Murders


BOOK: The Festival Murders

AUTHOR: Mark McCrum


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Tried a new mystery series. And I really wanted to like it. But unfortunately I did not. The male characters were pretty eye rolling in their actions and the females were not that deep or complex. The story dragged quite a bit. I don’t like to give negative reviews, so I will leave it with this: I did not expect the ending.


Short Synopsis (from Goodreads):

At the start of one of the English summer’s highlights, the annual literary festival in the pretty little country town of Mold-on-Wold, famous critic Bryce Peabody is found dead in his bed at the White Hart Hotel. At first it seems as if fifty-something Bryce might have succumbed to a heart attack, but the forensics team soon uncover evidence of something more sinister.


Bryce had made many enemies in the past, with his scandalous private life and scathing reviews. Could it be that one of the many writers he insulted in print has taken a bitter revenge? Or perhaps there’s a more personal reason? Unable to help himself, crime writer Francis Meadowes, who is also staying at the White Hart, is drawn into a role he knows only from his own fiction, that of amateur detective.


I received this book for review purposes from NetGalley.

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