Book review: The Accidental Life Swap

Laney Estel

The Accidental LIfe Swap

BOOK: The Accidental Life Swap⠀
AUTHOR: Jennifer Joyce⠀
A case of mistaken identity and new discoveries.⠀

Rebecca works for an events planning firm as a PA and longs to work her way up as an assistant planner to her boss, Vanessa, who is kind of selfish and rude. Vanessa has a house in the country in the middle of renovation and a deadline for a party upon completion. She tasks Rebecca as the project manager, even though Rebecca has no idea about construction.⠀

Rebecca sees this as an opportunity to show Vanessa what she is capable of accomplishing. But upon arriving, she is mistaken for the demanding Vanessa herself. She plays along as she thinks this is the way to get the workers to their deadline. But what happens when she starts to become closer to those she is lying too?⠀

The books premise is not new, but the location and take on it is new. Was a very easy read (I read it in about a day) and is the type of book you just want to use to escape for a few hours. Perfect beach read, plane ride, or lazy sunday. ⠀

I received this book for review purposes from NetGalley. ⠀

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