Book Review: Slumber

Laney Estel


BOOK: Slumber⠀
AUTHOR: Becky Bird⠀

A twist on Sleeping Beauty, Slumber starts off a little like the movie Ever After, which is a take on Cinderella. I found my mind wandering a lot through this book but overall thought it was a good read.⠀

Price Thomas has to find a princess to marry so he can be king. in his journey to find one, his guards turn on him to attempt to murder him in the name of the Cardinal. The Cardinal is married to Thomas' mother and obviously wants him dead to take the throne, Thomas runs away and crosses paths with Lucy, who is running away for an entirely different reason. Along with Lucy's friend Jack, they keep trying to evade the guards... and eventually find Princess Aurora. But she is being wooed by Prince Phillip.⠀

Honestly this book was quirky and fun, but I can't say that I found it that deep or riveting. It's a nice story built around an old classic, though, so if you like that kind of thing, you will like this.⠀

I received this book in exchange for review⠀

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