Book review: Playing House

Laney Estel

Playing House

BOOK: Playing House⠀
AUTHOR: Ruby Lang⠀
Fay and Oliver are old friends, but haven’t really seen each other in awhile. She is a partner at a city planning firm, and he is looking for a job. They meet up during an open house and start to realize their friendship maybe more than professional or platonic. The problem is that Oliver didn’t tell Fay that he has applied to her firm months ago. So he is afraid that Fay will think he used her.⠀

This book was a short, but enjoyable read. I thought the characters living in a career I wasn’t familiar with was fascinating. I did lament when it ended just as I was really getting into the characters but I do see that it is part of a series and #OpenHouse and #HouseRules are both coming out next year!!⠀

I received this book for review purposes from NetGalley. ⠀⠀

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