Book Review: Not Hungry

Laney Estel

Not Hungry

BOOK: Not Hungry⠀
AUTHOR: Kate Karyus Quinn⠀
Not Hungry is a book about secrets. June sees the secrets of others but has one of her own. She has an eating disorder. When her neighbor finds out about it, she is stressed beyond belief. But then she learns his secret too. ⠀

This book is written almost like a poem, short and choppy across the page (but doesn’t rhyme). This actually made the book easier to read for me because I usually skim. But in this instance it created a sort of juxtaposition of words that matched the narrator's thoughts. If I was a teen girl, I would think is short staccato like this too. Overall the book was a short and thoughtful read that shed light on the importance of honesty. ⠀
I received this book for review purposes from NetGalley. ⠀

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