Book Review: Normal People

Laney Estel

Normal People

Book: Normal People⠀
Author: Sally Rooney ⠀

I heard a lot about this book which is one of the reasons I wanted to read it. There was a lot of buzz about how it personifies how this current generation feels about life and relationships.⠀

Overall, this book does deal with a "will they, won't they" storyline but the underlying theme really is more complex than that. For me it was a difficult read, not because of how it was written, but because the conversation was lacking in completion. What this means to me is that there was so much left unsaid between the two main characters that led to misunderstanding and the inability to fully explore their complete feelings for each other. ⠀

Other themes explored in this book are depression and anxiety, which I definitely appreciated. I recommend this book because it really makes you think about how in this current age, communication is not as specific as is used to be and what the consequences are for that.⠀

I received this book in exchange for review.⠀

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