Book review: Mrs. Everything

Laney Estel

Mrs. Everything

BOOK: Mrs. Everything⠀
AUTHOR: Jennifer Weiner⠀

Mrs. Everything is the story of girls going through life. And honestly, its very difficult to write about or summarize this book. Not because the book is bad or unreadable. Very much the opposite. It's beautiful and complex. And there is so much complexity that I can't even begin to describe how it touches people in different ways. ⠀

Bethie and Jo grew up in an Jewish family, struggling to understand a mother who just wanted what was best and a time that served to direct women to be less than they were. How do they navigate through the time to achieve what they wanted in life? ⠀

This book is an amazing representation of what it means to be a woman and how female relationships should be pursued. Do yourself a favor and take your time with this, savor the imagery and the emotions.⠀

I received this book for review purposes. ⠀

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