Book Review: Life In Your World

Laney Estel

Life In Your World

Book: Life in Your World⠀
Author: Anj Cairns @anjipower ⠀

This book was an interesting look at how the world and social situations must look from the outside in. I loved the naivete of the narrator as she discovers more about those she had been observing. This book was a very swift read and very easy to understand.⠀

One of the key things i most enjoyed about the book was the ability to build community at any age. The main character was young and yet she worked to learn more about the seniors, was patient with them, and gave them the ability to find confidence and connections with the younger members. ⠀

This was only a small part of this book, but it was probably the part I enjoyed the most.⠀

I was given a copy of this book in advance of release for review purposes. This book has a sequel that just came out as well! Can't wait to read that one also. ⠀

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