Book Review: Fledgling

Laney Estel


BOOK: Fledgling⠀
AUTHOR: Molly Harper⠀

Fledgling is the story of a girl who discovers she has magic. It is very similar to Harry Potter in that way. I entered this series on this book which is the second and I kind of wish I had read the first one. I had a little bit of difficulty keeping things straight because of it. Also as much as I liked the concept, I really felt like it wasn't that easy of a read for me personally. I don't know if it was that I was drawing so many comparisons to Harry Potter or what though. She even goes to a magic school to learn more since she doesn't come from a magic background.⠀

If you are interested in books that give you a fantasy element, and like a series, I do recommend this one. I would just go back and read the first one before starting this one.⠀

I received this book in exchange for review.⠀

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