Book Review: Dumped Actually

Laney Estel

Dumped Actually

BOOK: Dumped, Actually⠀
AUTHOR: Nick Spalding⠀

Oliver gets dumped....Badly...and in public. As a writer for an online publication, it is suggested that Oliver get over his ex with a series of new experiences. And so goes the journey of Oliver. He let's his readers guide his path, and in so doing, learns there is more he is improving then just himself.⠀

I loved this book, it was so fun and original. Very easy read if you like that kind of thing also. I can't say a whole lot more about this without giving too much away. But I will say i was very surprised by how much I enjoyed the journey that Nick went on. Definitely going to check out more works from this author!⠀

I received this book in order to give my opinion and review.⠀

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