Book review: Dear Lily

Laney Estel

Dear Lily

Book: Dear Lily⠀⠀
Author: Drew Davies⠀@drewdavieswriter

Dear Lily is a collection of stories, told by one woman who has recently moved from London to Denmark to escape. She is sharing the stories to her sister, Lilly. It is a story about discovering who you are and how you must be true to yourself.⠀

There are a few truths to be discovered in this story. Some are about the narrator and some about the people in the story itself. I have to say (without giving around one of the twists) that I had a feeling one of these was true. But I am really good at figuring out the endings of books. However, this did not make it any less impactful. Learning to be healthy and accept yourself is so important. ⠀

If you like dramatic and easy to understand reads, I recommend this. Definitely one you could read in a few days with no problem and it's so enjoyable.⠀

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