Book Review: Dating by the Book

Laney Estel

Dating by the Book

BOOK: Dating By the Book⠀
AUTHOR: Mary Ann Marlowe⠀

Dating by the book is such a fun and easy summer read. Not only are the references very literary, but the situations the main character finds herself in are truly right out of a book.⠀

Maddie runs a bookstore, and is a secret author. She finds herself in a love quadrangle of sorts in which she must decide between men, as well as her life's work in the bookstore. She also gets a mediocre book review she perceives as somewhat trollish. After responding, she starts an online friendship with this stranger. All the while trying to save her store.⠀

I loved this book so much. I felt like the situation was totally plausible and it really made me root⠀
for one or the other of the guys. If you like fun, modern romance with some nice twists, definitely check this book out.⠀
Also what made me laugh is the "meta" of it all. In this book, the author is writing about an author who receives a review. I am a reader, reading about this and then leaving a review. not a 3 star book (totally 4 stars!!). Just⠀

I received this book for review purposes. ⠀

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