Book Review: Conversations with the Fat Girl

Laney Estel

Conversations with the Fat Girl


BOOK:Conversations with the Fat Girl

AUTHOR: LIza Palmer


Conversations with the Fat Girl is one of those books that I feel is almost written about me. I am overweight (though not single) and have had trouble with body perception for my entire life. This book touched me in ways I didn’t expect. The fact that the heroine was not written from a stereotypical point of view means so much to those of us who have been pigeonholed into your basic overweight side kick. No, this is a story about a girl realizing her self worth.


On top of that, is the story. It’s pretty predictable but the way it was written is so accessible. Maggie’s skinny friend is getting married. The problem is Olivia used to be overweight, it hiding the secret, and is using Maggie’s emotions as childhood friend to take advantage in a lot of ways. At the same time, Maggie is struggling with losing her home, her job, and inherently her friendships. 


I can tell that this book will be one I read over and over because I have felt like Maggie (and still do) and need the reminder that appearance is not worth. And people do still care.

I received this book for review purposes from NetGalley. ⠀

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