May Collection and deals coming May 5!

Shipping Schedule:
Order Placed April 28-May 10 Shipped by May 16
Order Placed May 11-24 Shipped by May 30
Order Placed May 25- June 7 Shipped by June 13
Delays can happen. Please bear with us.

May Deals
Doom Doom Doom (Invader Zim / Create-A-Scent)
Star Wars Collection
Parks & Rec Collection
Righteous Dude (Ferris Bueller)
Dude Where's the Pie (Supernatural)
Wax: An Occupation, Cute Kid's Bow

May Collection
Friend Trip (Toy Story)
Forget-Me-Not (MIB)
From Ashes (Dark Pheonix)
Life Finds a Way (Jurassic Park)
Can Do (My Hero Academia)

Don't forget to vote on your fave scent to be made into wax each the group!
Every month, we accept submissions for a scent (not based on our theme) that YOU create! Popular vote will select that month's scent. Work with us to create it and get one bottle free!!!


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